Breaking or losing your headset might not matter as much as purchasing an earbud with no bass. Having an earbud that doesn’t have bass sure means you are missing out on a lot and don’t bring to your ears the intended quality of the sound.

Excellent bass quality harmonizes the sounds in a manner that makes the soul fulfilled. Let’s go together to find out the best types of best bass earbuds anyone can possess as well as what to look out for when selecting your earbuds.


  • Bass level- Of course, this is the first thing to look out for as this is the primary role it’s supposed to play. This is why it’s being purchased after all
  • Battery life- This is very necessary, as well as you sure don’t want your battery getting flat in the middle of sweet harmony.
  • Button control-  Your earbuds should be very easy to control and the buttons Should all function appropriately and adequately
  • Comfortable ear-tips- This also matters a lot to be able to use it for longer hours. A bad and uncomfortable earbud will limit the satisfaction you can get from that product.
  • Great price. Your earbuds should also be within a reasonable price range. It wouldn’t be necessary going for one at an exorbitant price when there’s one with all the qualities mentioned above at a lesser amount.
  • Bluetooth connection. This also comes in handy and could serve as a great plus to your earbuds.


  • SONY MDRXB5OAP EXTRA BASS: These earbuds have high quality as it delivers to you via its 12mm drivers. It also has a microphone with controls to playback my. To top it all, it’s ear tips are wrapped in silicone gel to give you maximum comfortability. One of the components that adds to the great qualities is the neodymium magnets. It also possesses acoustic sound isolation asides the bass. It also comes with a pouch.
  • SONY EXTRA BASS BLUETOOTH: This provides extra bass with any cord attached to it. They are neckband headphones instead of the former that hangs around you. It also has 12mm drivers to produce enough bass for its listeners. The Bluetooth attached to it enables you to sync it with your phone or any other device. The earbuds possess microphones for calls and any additional voice notes. The battery lasts for over 8 hours, and it also has an IPX4 sweatproof rating. It is usually lived by athletes and business people who move around a lot.
  • WANGA ORIGINAL 3.5MM METAL IN-EAR: The bass in it is extra and gives the extra sounds and kick you desire. It also has a microphone and button controls to make calls and to control your playlist.  The ear tips are extra soft as well and give the extra sound and comfort. However, these earbuds are used when not being mobile as it is connected via a wire and doesn’t have Bluetooth that can be maneuvered. The good news is that you don’t have to charge it.

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